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Edifier S550D

Edifier S550D
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S550 Encore

Minimum distortion at maximum volume.

  • 10inch subwoofer with twin bass reflex radiators
  • Perfect for PC, gaming, TV or home theater
  • 5.1 channel and 2 stereo input options
  • Overview

    Experience this beast of a system and hear the difference. With not just one, but two enormous super bass drivers, this 5.1 speaker system packs enough power to create ground-shaking audio. With its versatile connections, this elegant system is perfect for home theater, gaming and music for every occasion.

  • Beast of a system

    S550 Encore features two 10" enormous super bass drivers that produce room-filling sound. Combined with 60 watts RMS from each satellite, the powerful system delivers an astonishing 520 watts RMS of audio output.

    To satisfy the most ardent audiophiles, S550 Encore is engineered with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and DRC (Dynamic Range Compensation) technology. It keeps distortion at a minimum even at maximum volume, so you can truly experience authentic, honest sound. And it doesn't stop there. The 6-level volume booster adds extra power, taking your surround sound experience to the next level.

  • Wired and wireless remote

    Tame this music beast with 2 multifunctional remote controls. The sleek wired control with LCD display allows you to effortlessly adjust input selection, volume, bass and treble and surround channel. A wireless remote is also available.

  • Versatile connections

  • S550 Encore is perfect for home theater, gaming and music for every occasion. Connect to a variety of audio sources using the 5.1 channel and 2 stereo input options.   


    • S550 ENCORE
    • TOTAL POWER OUTPUT:60W X 5 + 240W (DRC on)
    • SNR:≥85dBA
    • FREQUENCY RESPONSE:Satellite: 130Hz-20kHz (±5dB)42Hz-140Hz (±5dB)
    • ADJUSTMENT:Wired controller, remote control
    • BASS UNIT:10 inch (260mm) 8Ω
    • MID-RANGE & TREBLE UNIT:3½ inch (92mm), 4Ω
    • TREBLE UNIT:25mm silk dome, 6Ω
    • DIMENSION:R/L/SL/SR: 116 x 203 x 160mm (WxHxD)
    • C: 316 x 117 x 157mm (WxHxD)
    • SW: 367 x 397 x 489mm (WxHxD)
    • WEIGHT:Net Weight: Satellite | Subwoofer: 11.5Kg / 18/5Kg
    • Gross Weight: Satellite: Subwoofer: 13Kg / 21.3Kg

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